Tentative program of parallel session 1

as of 4:00pm, June 16, 2011 (HKT)

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July 6, 2011, Wednesday

Parallel session 1:
Long papers / Interactive events
Long paper session 1: Knowledge Building
Chair: Jingyan Lu, The University of Hong Kong
Venue: LE2, Library Extension Building
Construction of health knowledge in an alternative medical community of practice: Hermeneutic analysis of a web forum
Joachim Kimmerle, Kristina Abels, Katharina Becher, Anna Beckers, Annette Haussmann, Ansgar Thiel, Ulrike Cress
Learning Science through Knowledge-Building and Augmented Reality in Museums
Susan Yoon, Karen Elinich, Christopher Steinmeier, Joyce Wang, Sean Tucker
Beyond Small Groups: New Opportunities for Research in Computer-Supported Collective Learning
Yasmin Kafai, Kylie Peppler
Visualisations for longitudinal participation, contribution and progress of a collaborative task at the tabletop
Roberto Martinez, Judy Kay, Kalina Yacef
Long paper session 2: Learning activities and tools
Chair: Sean Goggins, Drexel University
Venue: LE3, Library Extension Building
Collaborative writing: too much of a good thing? Exploring engineering students’ perceptions using the Repertory Grid
Anindito Aditomo, Rafael Calvo, Peter Reimann
The Interactional Organisation of Location-based Gaming
Jo Dugstad Wake, Frode Guribye, Barbara Wasson
Analysis of Small Group Interactions in a Seamless Language Learning Environment: An Artifact-Oriented Approach
Lung-Hsiang Wong, Wenli Chen, Ying Zhan, Chee-Kuen Chin
Digital Media in the Classroom: A Study on How to Improve Guidance for Successful Collaboration and Learning in Student Teams
Carmen Zahn, Karsten Krauskopf, Friedrich W. Hesse, Roy Pea
Long paper session 3: Learning interactions
Chair: Nancy Butler Songer, University of Michigan
Venue: LE6, Library Extension Building
Group Sense Making of Multiple Sources in a Hypertext Environment
Sarah Sullivan, Katherine Knight, Sadhana Puntambekar
Formulating WISE Learning Experiences
Vanessa Svihla
Technology for Supporting Learners in Out-of-School Learning Environments
Tamara Clegg, Christina Gardner, Janet Kolodner
Students Producing Thick Descriptions
Richard Alterman, Johann Larusson
Long paper session 4: Technology-enhanced interactions & analysis
Chair: Paul Kirschner, Open University of the Netherlands
Venue: LE7, Library Extension Building
ACODEA: A Framework for the Development of Classification Schemes for Automatic Classifications of Online Discussions
Jin Mu, Karsten Stegmann, Elijah Mayfield, Carolyn Rose, Frank Fischer
Supporting Collaborative Learning in Recitation Sections Using an Ambient Awareness Tool
Hamed Alavi, Pierre Dillenbourg
Group Awareness Tools for Controversial CSCL Discussions: Dissociating Rating Effects and Visualized Feedback Effects
Jürgen Buder, Daniel Bodemer
Missing Something? Authority in Collaborative Learning
Iris Howley, Elijah Mayfield, Carolyn P. Rose
Long paper session 5: Issues in CSCL
Chair: Jan van Aalst, The University of Hong Kong
Venue: LE8, Library Extension Building
Learning Through Collaborative Creation of Knowledge Objects in Teacher Education
Crina Damsa, Sten Ludvigsen
Assessing the use of a Trace-Based Synchronous Tool for distant language tutoring
Mireille Betrancourt, Nicolas Guichon, Yannick Prié
A collaborative platform supporting knowledge sharing and problem solving for teacher professional development
Thierry Condamines
Interactive Representations of Student Activity to Inform Teacher Collaborations: Results from a Formative Exploration
R. Benjamin Shapiro, Peter Wardrip
Interactive events session 1: Knowledge building
Venue: LE1 (Hui Pun Hing Lecture Theatre), Library Extension Building
Common boundary between different worlds: Collaboration between researchers and school teachers in NLC KB project in Singapore
Jennifer Yeo, Yew-Jin Lee, Jing Wu, S Zanariah Ahmad, Siew Kheng Cheong, Chor Miang Sim, Hsueh Chien Dawn Lee, Chong Wah Cedric Choy
Getting started and sustaining Knowledge Building
Chuy Maria, Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter, Monica Resendes, Bodong Chen, Christian Tarchi, Richard Messina, Elizabeth Morley, Katerine Bielaczyc, Stian Håklev, Jianwei Zhang
Interactive events session 2: Technology & pedagogy co-design
Venue: LE4, Library Extension Building
Collaborative Virtual Worlds and Productive Failure: Design Research with Multi-disciplinary Pedagogical, Technical and Graphics, and Learning Research Teams
Michael Jacobson, Charlotte Taylor, Chun Hu, Anne Newstead, Wai-Yat Wong, Debbie Richards, Meredith Taylor, Iwan Kartiko, John Porte, Manu Kapur
Interactive events session 3: CSCL in school subjects
Venue: LE5, Library Extension Building
An Interactive Research Experience with Mobile Biology Games — Part 1
Eric Klopfer, Judy Perry, Louisa Rosenheck

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July 6, 2011, Wednesday

Parallel session 1: Long papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 2: Short papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 3: Symposia / Interactive events
Poster session 1 & reception (Reception to start at 18:45)

July 7, 2011, Thursday

Parallel session 4: Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
Parallel session 5: Invited presidential sessions / Symposia / Interactive events
Parallel session 6: Long papers / Interactive events
Poster session 2

July 8, 2011, Friday

Parallel session 7: Short papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 8: Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
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