Tentative program of parallel session 4

as of 4:00pm, June 16, 2011 (HKT)

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July 7, 2011, Thursday

Parallel session 4:
Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
Long paper session 6: Knowledge Building
Chair: Naomi Miyake, University of Tokyo
Venue: LE2, Library Extension Building
Questioning and the Quality of Knowledge Ideas in a CSCL Context: A Study on Two Age-groups of Students
Ming Lai, Nancy Law
Location-based Collaborative Learning at a Geography Trail: Examining the Relationship among Task Design, Facilitation and Discourse Types
Esther Tan, Hyo-Jeong So
Critical Moments of Knowledge Co-construction: Reconsidering Meaning-making of Postings in Online Group Discussion
Hsiu-Mei Chang, Fei-Ching Chen, Kai-Tien Cheng, Ren-Yow Tzeng
Does Contributing to a Knowledge Building Dialogue Lead to Individual Advancement of Knowledge?
Maria Chuy, Jianwei Zhang, Monica Resendes, Marlene Scardamalia, Carl Bereiter
Symposium 6: Knowledge Building
Venue: LE1 (Hui Pun Hing Lecture Theatre), Library Extension Building
A Principle-Based Approach to Knowledge Building: Processes, Challenges, and Implications
Jianwei Zhang, Marlene Scardamalia, Carol Chan, Jan van Aalst, Yuen Han Fung, Hidy Tse, Elizabeth Morley, Richard Messina, Janet Kolodner
Long paper session 7: Learning activities and tools
Chair: Claire O’Malley, University of Nottingham
Venue: LE3, Library Extension Building
Weather Gods and Fruit Kids — Embodying abstract concepts using tactile feedback and Whole Body Interaction
Carolina Johansson, Zeynep Ahmet, Jakob Tholander, Franc Aleo, Martin Jonsson, Saiful Sumon
Improving the mCSCL Approach of a Mobile Chinese Character Forming Game via a Design-based Research Cycle
Lung-Hsiang Wong, Ivica Boticki, Jizhen Sun, Chee-Kit Looi
NumberNet: Using Multi-Touch Technology to Support Within and Between-Group Mathematics Learning
Andrew Hatch, Steve Higgins, Andrew Joyce-Gibbons, Emma Mercier
Collaborative Gaze Footprints: Correlates of Interaction Quality
Patrick Jermann, Dejana Mullins, Marc-Antoine Nüssli, Pierre Dillenbourg
Long paper session 8: Learning interactions
Chair: Daniel Suthers, University of Hawaii
Venue: LE6, Library Extension Building
How a Virtual Math Team Structured its Problem Solving
Gerry Stahl
Constructing Part-task Congruent Representations to Support Coordination of Collaborative Problem-solving Tasks
Bert Slof, Gijsbert Erkens, Paul A Kirschner
Virtual Mathematical Inquiry: Problem Solving at the Gestural — Symbolic Interface of Remote-Control Embodied-Interaction Design
Dragan Trninic, Jose Gutierrez, Dor Abrahamson
How are students’ problems being solved? The quality of worked solutions on a popular open, online, mathematics, help forum
Carla van de Sande
Long paper session 9: Technology-enhanced interactions & analysis
Chair: Ulrike Cress, Knowledge Media Research Center
Venue: LE7, Library Extension Building
Fostering Social Navigation and Elaboration of Controversial Topics with Preference-Inconsistent Recommendations
Christina Schwind, Jurgen Buder, Friedrich W. Hesse
Adaptable Scripting in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Foster Knowledge and Skill Acquisition
Xinghua Wang, Ingo Kollar, Karsten Stegmann, Frank Fischer
Explaining the Effects of Continuous and Faded Scripts on Online Search Skills: The Role of Collaborative Strategy Practice
Christof Wecker, Ingo Kollar, Frank Fischer
Conversational Strategies that Support Idea Generation Productivity in Groups
Rohit Kumar, Jack Beuth, Carolyn Rose
Long paper session 10: Issues in CSCL
Chair: Chee-Kit Looi, Nanyang Technological University
Venue: LE8, Library Extension Building
Unfolding experienced teachers’ pedagogical practices in technology-enhanced collaborative learning
Minna Lakkala, Liisa Ilomaki
Classroom orchestration: The third circle of usability
Pierre Dillenbourg, Guillaume Zufferey, Hamed Alavi, Patrick Jermann, Son Do-Lenh, Quentin Bonnard, Sebastien Cuendet, Frederic Kaplan
Mind the Gaps: Using Patterns to Change Everyday Classroom Practice Towards Contingent CSCL Teaching
Luis P. Prieto, Sara Villagra-Sobrino, Yannis Dimitriadis, Patricia Schank, William Penuel, Angela Haydel DeBarger
Learning Design as a Medium for Scaffolding Teacher Learning and Collaboration
Nancy Law, Diana Laurillard, Yeung Lee
Interactive events session 10: CSCL in school subjects
Venue: LE5, Library Extension Building
Designing visual tools to scaffold the process of learning how to learn together
Reuma De-Groot, Baruch Schwarz, Rupert Wegerif, Yang Yang, Andreas Harrer, Chronis Kynigos, Bruce McLaren, Manolis Mavrikis

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July 6, 2011, Wednesday

Parallel session 1: Long papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 2: Short papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 3: Symposia / Interactive events
Poster session 1 & reception (Reception to start at 18:45)

July 7, 2011, Thursday

Parallel session 4: Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
Parallel session 5: Invited presidential sessions / Symposia / Interactive events
Parallel session 6: Long papers / Interactive events
Poster session 2

July 8, 2011, Friday

Parallel session 7: Short papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 8: Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
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