Tentative program of parallel session 7

as of 4:00pm, June 16, 2011 (HKT)

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July 8, 2011, Friday

Parallel session 7:
Short papers / Interactive events
Short paper session 6: Knowledge Building
Chair: Rick Alterman, Brandeis University
Venue: LE2, Library Extension Building
Context Aware CSCL: Moving Toward Contextualized Analysis
Sean P. Goggins, James Laffey, Chris Amelung
Capturing and analysing the processes and patterns of learning in collaborative learning environments
Kate Thompson, Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Lina Markauskaite, Vilaythong Southavilay
Social Skills as Predictors of Satisfaction and Performance in a Project-based Learning CSCL Environment: An Empirical Study
Michele P. Notari, Adrian Baumgartner
Seven Challenges in CSCL
Ravi Vatrapu
Retelling Stories: Setting Learner Narratives in Resource Ecologies
Joshua Underwood, Rosemary Luckin, Niall Winters
Short paper session 7: Learning activities and tools
Chair: Christopher Hoadley, New York University
Venue: LE3, Library Extension Building
Taking Educational Games to the Afterschool: Teens and Researchers on a Quest in Collaborative Design-Based Research
Jacob Dayan, Yael Kali
Utilizing a collaborative "Cross Number Puzzle" game on Group Scribbles to develop students’ computing ability of addition and subtraction
Yen-Hua Chen, Tak-Wai Chan, Chee-Kit Looi, Yin-Juan Shao, Chiu-Pin Lin
Enhancement Effects of Online Edutainment Game-Play on Students’ Scholastic Achievements in English and Mathematics
Diane Hui, Anthony R. Dickinson
How a New Actor Was Temporarily Enrolled Into the Network of Game Playing
Mark Chen
Allocentrism and Computational Thinking
Carmen Petrick, Matthew Berland, Taylor Martin
When a console game becomes CSCL: Play, participatory learning and 8-bit home computing in India
Derek Lomas, Dixie Ching, Christopher Hoadley, Kishan Patel, Matthew Kam
Short paper session 8: Learning interactions
Chair: Manu Kapur, National Institute of Educaction
Venue: LE6, Library Extension Building
Collaborative Problem Solving Processes in a Scenario-Based Multi-User Environment
Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Kate Thompson, Debbie Richards
Factors Contributing to Learners’ Online Listening Behaviors in Online and Blended Courses
Alyssa Friend Wise, Jennifer Speer, Ying-Ting Hsiao, Farshid Marbouti
Supporting Argumentative Knowledge Construction in Face-to-Face Settings: From ArgueTable to ArgueWall
Sara Streng, Karsten Stegmann, Christine Wagner, Sonja Bohm, Frank Fischer, Heinrich Hussmann
Coding schemes as measurement instruments? An attempt to assess the psychometric properties of a coding scheme
Andri Ioannou, Agni Georgiou, Elena Papanastasiou
Collaboration in communities of inquirers: an example from a geography field trip
Eileen Scanlon, Canan Blake, Alison Twiner, Trevor Collins, Ann Jones, Lucinda Kerawalla
Exploring Joint Attention around Shared Referential Anchors during Physical, Virtual and Mixed Reality Laboratory Activities
Garrett Smith, Anushree Bopardikar, Sadhana Puntambekar
Short paper session 9: Technology-enhanced interactions & analysis
Chair: Sten Ludvigsen, University of Oslo
Venue: LE7, Library Extension Building
Trustworthy in the Eye of the Beholder? — A Cognitive Perspective on Personal Profile Information in Virtual Project Teams
Ellen Rusman, Jan van Bruggen, Peter Sloep, Rob Koper, Martin Valcke
Detecting Collaboration Regions in a Chat Session
Dan Banica, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Traian Rebedea
Social Cues in Asynchronous Online Discussions: Effects of Social Metacognition and New Ideas
Gaowei Chen, Ming Ming Chiu, Zhan Wang
PolyCAFe: Collaboration and Utterance Assessment for Online CSCL Conversations
Mihai Dascalu, Traian Rebedea, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Gillian Armitt
E-Tutorial Support for Collaborative Online Learning: Differences between experienced and non-experienced E-tutors
Birgitta Kopp, Maria Cristina Matteucci, Carlo Tomasetto, Heinz Mandl
Analysis of Group Understanding in Artifact-Mediated Discourses
Heisawn Jeong, Wenli Chen, Chee-Kit Looi
Short paper session 10: Issues in CSCL
Chair: Carol Chan, The University of Hong Kong
Venue: LE8, Library Extension Building
Using Online Communication Tools to Mediate Curriculum Development As A Collaborative Process
Lei Liu, Susan Yoon
Towards a model for rapid collaborative knowledge improvement in classroom language learning
Yun Wen, Chee-Kit Looi, Wenli Chen
Tabletops for Collaborative Learning: A Case Study on Geometry Learning at the Primary School
Gustavo Salvador-Herranz, David Perez-Lopez, Mario Ortega, Mariano Alcaniz, Manuel Contero
Productive re-use of CSCL data and analytic tools to provide a new perspective on group cohesion
Christophe Reffay, Christopher Teplovs, Francois-Marie Blondel
Expert Participation in Elementary Students’ Collaborative Design Process
Kaiju Kangas, Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen
Bridging Multiple Expertise in Collaborative Design for Technology-Enhanced Learning
Yael Kali, Lina Markauskaite, Peter Goodyear, Mary-Helen Ward
Interactive events session 16: Knowledge building
Venue: LE1 (Hui Pun Hing Lecture Theatre), Library Extension Building
Knowledge Building International Project : Designs for Deep Understanding
Thérèse Laferrière, Mireia Montané, Nancy Law, Oscar Hernandez Lopez, Christian Perreault, Pier-Ann Boutin, Johnny Yuen, Pere Boluda, Marta Blancafort
Interactive events session 17: Technology & pedagogy co-design
Venue: LE4, Library Extension Building
Supporting innovative teaching and responding to change with an intelligent collaborative design environment
Dejan Ljubojevic, Brock Craft, Diana Laurillard
Interactive events session 18: CSCL in school subjects
Venue: LE5, Library Extension Building
School Network for Enhancing Student Information Literacy Across the Curriculum
Ching Yin Kwok, Siu Fan Lau, Yin Wai Yvonne Choi, Lok Sze Chan

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July 6, 2011, Wednesday

Parallel session 1: Long papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 2: Short papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 3: Symposia / Interactive events
Poster session 1 & reception (Reception to start at 18:45)

July 7, 2011, Thursday

Parallel session 4: Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
Parallel session 5: Invited presidential sessions / Symposia / Interactive events
Parallel session 6: Long papers / Interactive events
Poster session 2

July 8, 2011, Friday

Parallel session 7: Short papers / Interactive events
Parallel session 8: Long papers / Symposia / Interactive events
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