Wifi @ HKU

HKU Computer Centre has provided two free Wi-Fi services:

  1. HKU Open WiFi
    Setup: http://www.itservices.hku.hk/home/networks/wifi/openwifi/
    Please be reminded that this open wifi service provides ONLY web surfing capability, other services like checking Gmail through imap are blocked from access. In case of this, please consider to use the HKU Guest WiFi service.
    Terms and Conditions: http://www.itservices.hku.hk/home/networks/wifi/openwifi/terms.htm
  2. HKUGuests
    Setup: http://www.itservices.hku.hk/home/networks/wifi/hkuguest/
    Username: guest34
    Password: cscl2011



Last modified on July 4, 2011