Local organizing committee

Local Organization Chair

  • Prof. Nancy Law

Paper submission and Review Process Technological System Chair

  • Mr. Murphy Wong
  • Mr. Simon Leung

Graphic Designer and Website Chair

  • Ms. Debbie Pang

Proceedings Editing Chairs

  • Dr. Man Wai Lee
  • Dr. Tamara Savelyeva

Technology Support and Registration System Chair

  • Mr. Murphy Wong
  • Mr. Geoffrey R. Dengate

Mainland China Post-conference Coordinators

  • Dr. Jingyan Lu
  • Dr. Ming Lai

Policy Forum coordinator

  • Dr. Jae Park

Interactive events Coordinators

  • Dr. Yeung Lee
  • Mr. Johnny Yuen

Pre-conference events Coordinator

  • Mr. Ron Tsoi

Posters Coordinator

  • Mr. Ron Tsoi

Community Memory Chairs

  • Dr. Bob Fox
  • Dr. Felix Siu
  • Mr. Simon Leung

Program Booklet Editing Chair

  • Dr. Allan Yuen

Registration and Attendee Materials Chair

  • Ms. Bella Chow

Running Conference Coordinator

  • Ms. Candy Leung

Social Events Chairs

  • Ms. Candy Leung
  • Dr. Jae Park

Students Volunteer Chairs

  • Dr. Alvin Kwan
  • Mr. Peter Warning


  • Ms. Candy Leung
Last modified on June 10, 2011