Call for participation in workshop: How to integrate cscl in classroom life: Orchestration

Call for participation

How to integrate cscl in classroom life: Orchestration

  • Miguel NUSSBAUM, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • Pierre DILLENBOURG, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
  • Frank FISCHER,  University of Munich
  • Chee-Kit LOOI, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
  • Jeremy ROSCHELLE, SRI International

Workshop Content

This half day workshop is related to the CSCL2011 theme of connecting computer supported collaborative learning to policy and practice. The adoption of CSCL practices into schools requires a holistic perspective of how such practices can be orchestrated in the classrooms, which can then inform policy makers on how best to support such orchestration.
We use the term orchestration referring to the coordination of technology-enhanced processes of learning and instruction on different social levels (individual, small group, plenary) in the classroom. Main focuses are (a) how external and internal control of learning processes play together and interact in classroom-based collaborative learning and (b) how scaffolding (for example with external collaboration scripts on different social levels can be designed to have synergistic effects on the transition from external to internal control of the collaborative learning processes (internal scripts), as well as domain learning. CSCL technology can support external collaboration scripts in activating internal collaboration script by scaffolding roles, activities, and sequences of roles or activities. In addition to digital technologies, the physical environment is also a research target.
It is therefore, about the description of how CSCL scenarios are integrated into classroom ecosystems. Does the scenario include both CSCL activities with other aspects of classroom life (reading, lectures, etc.)? How are the teams physically organized in the classroom? Do the scenarios build on non-computational resources such as paper documents, rock samples, environmental measures, etc.?  How is the teacher driving the scenario, for instance changing team composition, interrupting activities, monitoring teamwork?  What is the place of the CSCL activity in the curriculum and with respect to the assessment?
By "classrooom", we refer to the physical place in a school, a university or a corporate training center, in which there are learners and someone responsible for their learning (teacher, tutor, coach, trainer, etc). The scope of the workshop does not address virtual classrooms or informal learning.

Particpation procedure

Interested participants are asked to submit a short paper (up to 4 pages including a 150 word abstract and references) to that describes a quantitative or  qualitative study under the angle of orchestration, i.e. the classroom processes. To encourage group discussion up to 25 papers will be considered. Accepted participants will present their work during the interactive sessions

Important Dates

February 21, 2011 Paper submission deadline (to )
March 15, 2011 Acceptance notification
July 4th, 2011, Monday
Workshop Date
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