Call for participation

Designing Digital Curricula and Visualizations in The New WISE Environment to Facilitate Collaborative Science Learning

In this tutorial we will introduce the new Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE 4.0) developed at the University of California, Berkeley. WISE is a powerful, free-access online learning environment that supports guided inquiry, embedded assessments, peer collaboration, interactive computer models, and teacher customization. As WISE allows sharing and adapting curricula in many different languages, in this tutorial we will introduce how to use WISE curricula in a global context. We aim to spur international collaboration to advance the understanding of designing effective digital curricula to support students’ inquiry learning in different places around the world. Participants will have a first-hand experience in learning how to use the powerful features in WISE 4.0 to adapt or customize a WISE curriculum for their own classroom. Participants will be guided to use the empathic design principles and the flexible features of embedded assessments in WISE. In particular, we will focus on how to apply the knowledge integration perspective to design learning activities and embedded assessments that foster student collaboration and science learning. These curricular steps elicit students’ repertoire of ideas on science, facilitate their knowledge integration processes, open discussion for knowledge sharing and community building, and offer teachers opportunities to evaluate student understanding. Sample WISE steps and student data will be examined and discussed.

Participation procedure

Interested participants can contact Hsin-Yi Chang and Ji Shen

Last modified on March 24, 2011