CSCL 2003
Designing for Change in Networked Learning Environments

Bergen, Norway, June 14-18

2002 © InterMedia,
University of Bergen
Looking for Learning in the Interaction Order

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Timothy Koschmann

Dept. of Medical Education

Southern Illinois University

Ivar Solheim

Norwegian Computing Center

Christian Heath

The Management Centre

King’s College London

Collaborative Learning Workshops at CSCL 2003

Workshop Summary

This workshop will consist of a series of data sessions each designed to provide opportunities for those who do videoethnographic research to share samples of their data and to sharpen their analytic skills.

Workshop Description

The workshop will be offered for each of the five 2-hour slots. The first few minutes will be devoted to introductions and providing an orientation to the data session structure. The remainder of each session will be devoted to presentation of data and analysis.

In each data session we will focus on what would count as evidence of 'learning' as an accountable achievement of talk-in-interaction. That is, if we divide the terrain for analysis on the traditional dimensions of microgenesis, ontogenesis, and sociogenesis, where do we locate learning and how? Following the usual protocol for data sessions conducted in communication studies and microsociology, we will do repeated examinings of the data interspersed with phases of individual and group analytic work. Our approach will be explicitly microanalytic, for both practical and programmatic reasons. Because we will have only a limited time to devote to any one piece of data, we will only be able to carefully analyze relatively brief samples of interaction (2-3 minutes or less). Programmatically we are committed to documenting learning in careful detail, though this does not necessarily imply a specific frame of analysis (i.e., the data sessions will focus on brief isolated fragments but these may be part of longer episodes or components of more elaborate ensembles).

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