CSCL 2003
Designing for Change in Networked Learning Environments

Bergen, Norway, June 14-18

2002 InterMedia,
University of Bergen
Bergen and Norway

Bergen - The Gateway to the Fjords - is a charming city full of small wooden houses. They scramble up the mountainsides and compete for space with wealthy mansions, flaunting themselves all the way into the city. Clusters of old houses cling together in the city quarters.

Bergen is a blend of past and present, history and tradition, full of charm and atmosphere. They city of Bergen offers you the ideal combination of nature, culture and interesting city life.

History is all around in the old parts of Bergen, a blessed place nestling in the shelter of its seven mountains. Ever since the intrepid King Olav Kyrre founded the city in 1070 the harbour has stayed the same - its contour just as it was in the 11th century, untouched by shifting times.

The fjords are Scandinavia's tourist attraction Number One - and Bergen opens the door to avirtual Kingdom of fjords. The sea has carved itself through and across Norway's long coastline where waterfalls tumble down the mountainsides, the snow glitters on the mountain tops while the grass softens the fjord edges.

Come to Bergen in June when the land is lush in every shade of green; when the fjords are abuzz with small boats, and the city is alive with its visitors.


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