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Contribute to CSCL2011 social media

CSCL2011 is going to provide live blogging on Jul 5 (16:30-18:00), Jul 6 (09:00-20:00), Jul 7 (09:00-18:00) and Jul 8 (09:00-17:00). You are welcome to contribute text messages and video clips to our broadcast.


CoverItLive is a web based Live Blogging tool that allows you to broadcast live commentary to your readers.

The CoverItLive viewer for CSCL2011 is at http://www.isls.org/cscl2011/broadcast.htm. You can view and replay the broadcast there, and even share your messages and videos while we are on air.

Leave comments via the CoverItLive viewer

  1. Simply type in the textboxes at the bottom of the viewer window, then press "send".
    CoverItLive - text msg

  2. Your message will appear on the viewer if our editor approves to be published.
  3. You may need to log-in using your facebook or twitter account.

Leave comments via Twitter

  1. Simply tweet with the hashtag "#cscl2011" while we are on air.

  2. The feed will directly go into the CoverItLive viewer.
    tweet to cil
  3. Improper feeds may be deleted by our editor.


Qik (http://qik.com) captures video using your mobile phone and shares anytime later with anyone you choose. Below is the qik iphone app.

Install qik

Share CSCL2011 moments using Qik iphone app

  1. After logging in or signing up Qik, Choose "Record & Share".
    qik - record & share

  2. Go to "Settings", then choose "Networks >".
    qik - settings

  3. Press "Authorize your Twitter account" button
    qik - authorize twitter
  4. In the "Default message" textbox, type in Twitter hashtag "#CSCL2011", then save.
    qik - hashtag
  5. Go back to "Home", and then go to "My Videos". Choose the video clip you'd like to share.
    qik - choose a video
  6. Although there're many ways to share your Qik videos, the most convenient way is "Post to Twitter".
    qik - tweet
  7. The twitter feed of your qik video will immediately appear on the CoverItLive viewer. Our editor may play it at the top-right corner of the viewer, too.
    qik - shared

Flickr group photos

The URL of CSCL2011 Flickr group is http://www.flickr.com/groups/cscl2011/

Join the Flickr group

  1. To share your photo to our group, first you must have a Flickr account. If not, sign up to Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/signup/
  2. Sign in Flickr, then submit a join request at http://www.flickr.com/[email protected]
  3. We'll accept your join request ASAP.

Add a photo to the Flickr group

  1. After uploading a photo, go the the photo page, click the "Actions" button at the top-left corner of the photo, then select "Add to a group".
    Join Flickr Group Step 1
  2. A dialog box pops up, then click "CSCL2011" and further click "Done" button.
    Join Flickr Group Step 2
  3. Your photo would show on http://www.flickr.com/groups/cscl2011/ and our homepage immediately.


Last modified on June 30, 2011