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Syllabi and Slides

Learning in the Disciplines by Jan van Aalst, University of Hong Kong
Learning in the Disciplines slides by Leslie Herrenkohl and Lindsay Cornelius

Video Resources

Watch the full webinar on Learning in the Disciplines featuring Leslie Herrenkohl and Lindsay Cornelius:

Learning in the Disciplines webinar as audio file (.mp3)


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  • Cornelius, L., Herrenkohl, L. R., & Wolfstone-Hay, J. (2013). Organizing collaborative learning experiences around subject matter domains: The importance of aligning social and intellectual structures in instruction. In C. E. Hmelo-Silver, A. M. O’Donnell, C. Chan & C. A. Chinn (Eds.), The International Handbook of Collaborative Learning (pp. 333-350). New York, NY: Taylor and Francis.
  • Herrenkohl, L. R., & Cornelius, L. (2013). Investigating Elementary Students' Scientific and Historical Argumentation. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 22(3), 413-461.
  • Herrenkohl, L. R., & Mertl, V. (2011). How students come to be, know, and do: A case for a broad view of learning. Cambridge UK, New York City: Cambridge University Press.


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