How people work with and learn from data is an increasingly pressing topic for learning scientists, and draws on important ideas that have been examined in statistics education, mathematics education, and science education. Currently, learning scientists are working to design new activities and technologies to support the development of more sophisticated ways of thinking about and using data in a range of contexts, including collecting and visualizing data.


  • Lee, V. R., & Wilkerson, M. (2018). Data use by middle and secondary students in the digital age: A status report and future prospects. Commissioned Paper for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Board on Science Education, Committee on Science Investigations and Engineering Design for Grades 6-12. Washington, D.C. [Access Online]

Learning Scientists Who Have Researched This Topic:

  • Victor Lee
  • Richard Lehrer
  • Anthony Petrosino
  • Andee Rubin
  • Michelle Wilkerson


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