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Syllabi and Slides

Affordances in Digital Learning slides by Kim Gomez

Video Resources

Watch the full webinar on Learning with Digital Technologies Across Learning Ecologies featuring Kim Gomez:

Learning with Digital Technologies Across Learning Ecologies webinar as audio file (.mp3)


  • Richards, K. A., & Gomez, K. (2010). Participant understandings of the affordances of remix world. International Journal of Learning and Media, 2(2-3), 101–121. [DOI: 10.1162/ijlm_a_00052]
  • Zywica, J., Richards K.A., Gomez, K. (2011). Affordances of a scaffolded-social learning network. On the Horizon, 19(1), 33-42.

Learning Scientists Who Have Researched This Topic:

  • Daniel Edelson
  • Kim Gomez
  • Louis Gomez
  • Eleni Kyza
  • Nicole Mancevice
  • Ronald Marx
  • William Penuel
  • Jeremy Rochelle
  • Gregory Shrader


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