Analysis of discourse data promises insights into the processes of (computer-supported) collaborative learning on multiple levels, from individual to group level processes of thinking and learning. Here we cover segmentation of data, arriving at a coding scheme, coder training and interrater-reliability, aggregation of coded data, and computational tools to support the coding of data.

Syllabi and Slides

Analysis of Discourse Data - Quantifying Qualities slides by Karsten Stegmann and Armin Weinberger

Video Resources

Watch the full webinar on Analysis of Discourse Data - Quantifying Qualities featuring Karsten Stegmann and Armin Weinberger:

Analysis of Discourse Data - Quantifying Qualities webinar as audio file (.mp3)


  • Stegmann, K., & Fischer, F. (2011). Quantifying qualities in collaborative knowledge construction: The analysis of online discussions. In Analyzing Interactions in CSCL (pp. 247-268). Springer US.

Additional Reading:

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Learning Scientists Who Have Researched This Topic:

  • Michelle Chi
  • Bram de Wever
  • Gregory Dyke
  • Diane Kuhn
  • Selma Leitão
  • Kris Lund
  • Carolyn Rosé
  • Karsten Stegmann
  • Jan-Willem Strijbos
  • Armin Weinberger


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