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New Open Access Journal: Computer-Based Learning in Context

Computer-Based Learning in Context is a new completely and permanently free and open-access journal for rigorous scientific research on computer-based learning in context. We are particularly interested in how learners’ contexts impact their interactions, within as well as around computer-based learning, and how those differences in interaction impact learning, long-term learner outcomes, and educational effectiveness.

CBLC is interested in these themes writ large:

  • Differences between learners of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, linguistic backgrounds, racial and ethnic differences, gender in its full complexity, urbanicity and other factors
  • Computer-based learning in all its contexts, including use of educational technology in classrooms, universities, informal learning settings, the home, fully online, mobile computing, and blends of these
  • Computer-based learning in all its forms, including intelligent tutoring systems, games, simulations, virtual and augmented reality, online courses, massive online open courses, teacher support systems, clickers, and many others
  • A full range of variables involving learner-computer interaction and computer-mediated learner-learner interaction, including behavior, affect, self-regulation strategies, cognition, meta-cognition, and motivation

CBLC welcomes rigorous, high-quality research from a variety of paradigms, including learning analytics/educational data mining, video analysis, observational studies, questionnaire studies, ethnography, and qualitative analysis, so long as the research is of high-quality, presents concrete clear and sufficient evidence for its claims, and centers on questions relevant to the journal’s areas of focus. Replications of studies and/or analyses previously conducted in other research settings are strongly welcomed, so long as the papers make a clear scientific contribution and explicate the similarities and differences from past published work in terms of contextual and/or cultural factors. The journal also welcomes survey articles, review articles, theoretical articles, and position papers, so long as these articles build on existing work, focus on the core themes of the journal, and advance our understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to this area of research.

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