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*Please note that we have recently switched over to a new system. If you were not a member 2015-2019, you must create a new account in order to join or renew for 2020. If you are already registered on this site, please see the instructions on this page for Membership Renewal or Changing Membership Plans.

Note that membership in ISLS is by calendar year, (January through December). That is, regardless of when you paid your membership, it is only valid through December of that calendar year, unless you join after October 15th. If you join after October 15th, your membership ends in December of the following year. You will need to renew your membership in order to continue access to journals and other membership benefits in the new year.

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ISLS membership fees are just $100 US/year ($60 US/year for students).

To join, please use our membership application. You can join online and pay with PayPal or credit card, or opt to pay offline and mail a cheque. Financial regulations in many APAC countries prohibit PayPal transfers to overseas non-profit organizations such as ISLS, and local cheques from many of these same countries also cannot be cashed in US. The current options available for these members are to pay via demand draft or by telegraphic transfer.

While demand drafts take two weeks to process, telegraphic transfers are much faster and only take two days. Please email [email protected] for the specific instructions on how to make use of these options.

For registration or payment questions, please contact [email protected]. For other questions, please contact [email protected].


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