ISLS Technology Committee Charge

July 2014


Technology is essential to the operation of any professional society as it enables the communication among the membership and the wider dissemination of the society’s scholarly activities. A strong online presence is also, nowadays, crucial for communicating the goals of the Society to a broader audience and for attracting new members. As part of the ISLS professional growth the Society needs to be strategic about its short-and long-term planning of its technological infrastructure and develop a dynamic online presence. For this reason, the ISLS Board has recently decided to reconstitute the Technology Committee.


The Technology Committee advises the ISLS Board of Directors on all significant issues relating to existing and future technological infrastructure, which is deemed necessary for a professional society such as ISLS based on current international practices.


On an annual basis, the Technology Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing technology policies for the Society
  • Identifying risks, safety issues and any other concerns resulting from the implementation of any new technological solution
  • Review the ISLS technological infrastructure and make recommendations to ensure its smooth functioning
  • Providing recommendations to the Board regarding the high level strategic planning of the ISLS technological infrastructure; as a result, the Committee is responsible for developing, evaluating and updating the Society’s Strategic Technology Plan.

Committee Membership and governance structure

The Technology Committee will include at least three (3) ISLS members in good standing. Due to its role, one or more members of the Technology Committee, and, preferably, the Chair of the Committee, should have appropriate technological experience relating to the goals of this Committee.


Student members may be appointed to this Committee, if their participation is approved by existing Committee Members in good standing and the ISLS. There is no fixed upper limit in the number of members in the Committee.


The Chair of the committee members is appointed by the current ISLS president, after consultation with the Board. Each committee member serves a three-year term, which can be renewed. The committee chair prepares a written report to the ISLS Board twice year (December, May), or more regularly, if required.


Eleni A. Kyza, ISLS President 2014-2015


Sadhana Puntambekar, Executive Officer


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