The Sixth International Conference of the Learning Sciences

Hosted by The Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

University of California, Los Angeles

Embracing Diversity in the Learning Sciences

ICLS 2004 is over, and was a great success. We look forward to seeing everybody at the next ICLS in 2006 (details coming soon). Until then, here are some photos from this years conference. Thank you to everyone who helped make ICLS 2004 such a success!

This conference was co-sponsored by:

University of California, Los Angeles
Center for Diversity in Mathematics Education (DiME)
Center for Digital Innovation (CDI)
Center for Environmental Networking systems (CENS)
University of California All Campus Consortium on research for Diversity (UC ACCORD)
Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST)
University of Southern California Center for Scholarly Technology (CST)

For additional questions about the conference please contact: