The International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS), first held in 1992 and held bi-annually from 1996 to 2020, hosted keynotes, symposia, workshops, panels, submitted paper sessions, poster sessions, and demos covering timely and important issues and reporting research findings across the entire field of the learning sciences. Each conference invited keynotes and sessions centered on timely themes. Visit the links to past conferences to discover each conference's focus.

Recent ICLS Conference

ICLS 2020 — Nashville, TN, USA

Keynote Videos Now Available

Past ICLS Conferences

ICLS 2018 — London, UK

ICLS 2016 — Singapore

ICLS 2014 — Boulder, Colorado, USA

ICLS 2012 — Sydney, Australia

ICLS 2010 — Chicago, IL, USA

ICLS 2008 — Utrecht, The Netherlands

ICLS 2006 — Bloomington, IN, USA

ICLS 2004 — Santa Monica, CA, USA

ICLS 2002 — Seattle, WA, USA (external link)

ICLS 2000 — Ann Arbor, MI, USA (external link)

ICLS 1998 — Atlanta, GA, USA (external link)

ICLS 1996 — Evanston, IL, USA (external link)

ICLS 1992 — Evanston, IL, USA

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Upcoming ISLS-Affiliated Conferences

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