The ISLS Annual Meeting is a major international event, which hosts keynotes, symposia, workshops, panels, submitted paper sessions, and poster sessions. It covers timely and important issues and reports research findings across the entire field of the Learning Sciences. The ISLS Annual Meeting brings together those interested in learning experiences across schools, homes, workplaces, and communities who seek to understand how collaboration and learning are enabled by knowledge, tools, networks, and social structures.

The ISLS Annual Meeting is a continuation of the International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) and the International Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL). Each meeting has a Learning Sciences and a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning program along with invited keynotes and sessions centered on a shared theme. Proposals for symposia, papers, and posters are submitted to one of the two programs, whereas workshops and tutorials are organized as joint activities. Proceedings are published in three sets: one for the Learning Sciences program, one for the Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning program, and a third for joint activities.

The ISLS Annual Meeting organizes several pre-conference workshops with a recurring Doctoral Consortium (DC), Early Career Workshop (ECW), and Mid-Career Workshop (MCW). The DC is intended for graduate students who have advanced to candidacy but are not so far along in their dissertation that they are unlikely to profit from the event. The ECW is intended for researchers who earned their doctorate within 5 years of the conference date and aims to support the professional socialization of promising young scholars. The MCW is intended for advanced faculty members as they take on more central roles within ISLS. This workshop is mainly for scholars 5-7 years post-tenure or equivalent.

Look at the announcements for the ISLS Annual Meeting to find submission deadlines for the upcoming conference.

Upcoming Conference

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ISLS 2021 Annual Meeting Bochum 

June 7–11, Bochum, Germany

Reflecting the Past and Embracing the Future


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ICLS 2020 — Nashville, TN, USA

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ICLS — International Conferences of the Learning Sciences

CSCL — International Conferences on Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

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