Location: Haifa, Israel
University Homepage: https://www.haifa.ac.il
NAPLeS Contact(s):
Research Areas:
  • Design-based research
  • Mathematics and Science Learning & Teaching
  • Learning in a networked society
  • Cognitive, social and cultural foundations of learning
  • Humanistic learning communities
Doctoral Programs: PhD studies in Learning Instruction and Teacher Education

PhD studies in Mathematics Education

Master's Programs: MA program in Educational Technologies within the Learning Instruction and Techer Education Department

MA program in Curriculum and Instruction within Learning Instruction and Teacher Education Department

  • Sarit Barzilai
  • Dani Ben-Zvi
  • Yotam Hod
  • Yael Kali
  • Sharona T. Levy
  • Ornit Sagy
  • Anna Sfard

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