NAPLeS Faculty Members

Profile photo Name Institution Country
Jimmy Scherrer United States
Christian Schunn University of Pittsburgh United States
Pratim Sengupta University of Calgary Canada
James Slotta University of Toronto Canada
Daniel Sommerhoff LMU Munich Germany
Rayne Sperling Penn State United States
Jan-Willem Strijbos University of Groningen Netherlands
Vanessa Svihla University of New Mexico United States
Kate Thompson Queensland University of Technology Australia
Jan van Aalst University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Freydis Vogel University of Nottingham United Kingdom
Erin Walker University of Pittsburgh United States
X. Christine Wang University at Buffalo, The State University of New York United States
Armin Weinberger Saarland University Germany
Donald Wink University of Illinois at Chicago United States
Philip Winne Simon Fraser University Canada
Alyssa Wise New York University United States
Susan Yoon University of Pennsylvania United States
Heather Zimmerman Penn State University United States

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