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JLS going to 5 issues per year

Issue 28 (1) is available online. This year we are going to 5 issues per year, so we should be able to get articles out a little quicker.

In this issue: constructing thematic interpretations (language arts); designing educational video games as objects to think with; learning science concepts from peer teaching (initial teacher education); and finding the best types of guidance for constructing self-explanations of sub-goals in programming.

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Changes to editorial board

We recently added several scholars to the editorial board: Ravit Duncan (Rutgers), Eleni Kyza (Cyprus), Crina Damsa (Oslo), Sanne Akkerman (Utrecht), and Carla Van Boxtel (Amsterdam). Bill Penuel (Colorado) will begin in February. We're excited to have all these scholars join the board!


Call for Special Issue Proposals

Journal of the Learning Sciences is inviting proposals for a special issue, to be published in 2021. Instructions for preparing a proposal are posted on the Instructions to Authors at the publisher’s website, Proposals are due November 15, 2018 and will be peer reviewed by the journal’s editorial leadership team. Submitters of the accepted proposal will be notified by the end of January, 2019.

In general, we are interested in proposals on emerging themes in the field. For example, proposals that take up the call for research that has impact on teaching and policymaking that was elaborated in a guest editorial in issue 27 (1); proposals on teacher education and professional development; proposals that consider social justice, power and ethics in the learning sciences; and so on. This list is not meant to limit the range of possibilities but to provide some examples of possible themes.

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JLS Best Paper Awards for 2017 Announced


The Best Paper Published in JLS Awards for 2017 were announced on June 27, at the closing of ICLS. There were two $500-awards in this inaugural year. Congratulations to all the authors! Both papers are open-access till the end of August.

Chi, M. T. H., Kang, S. & and Yagmourian, D. (2017). “Why students learn more from dialogue than monologue videos: Analyses of peer interactions”. JLS, 26 (1), 10-50.

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Best Paper Published in JLS Award

In our editorial in 2017 we noted that JLS had completed 25 years of publication. In that period it has been a consistently high-performing journal, and one of the flagship journals for the field of the learning sciences.

We are excited to announce that, beginning with volume 26 (2017), we have a created a new feature:  the annual Best Paper Published in JLS Award. The award recognises exceptional scholarship and contributions made to the field of the learning sciences via JLS, and permits reflection on the state of scholarship in the field beyond what is possible during the peer review process. Candidates for the award are nominated by the editors and associate editors, and the winner is selected by an external panel of distinguished learning scientists.

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JLS webinars

Pruitt-Igoe demolition in 1972

Part of JLS's social media strategy, we have begun to organise webinars in which an author discusses a new paper with a panel and audience. We've had 2 so far, and they have both been very engaging conversations! It is a great way to have a conversation about your new paper with some of the people you think need to know about it. We record the video (and edit it for length if necessary) and make it available here, so this is a good resource that can be used with the article, for example if you use it in a course. Seeing seasoned scholars discuss a research article can be a great learning experience for graduate students.

In the most recent webinar, Kevin O'Neill discussed his thought provoking Reports and Reflections article with Rogers Hall,Brian K. Smith and Josh Radinsky. O'Neill looked at big "failures" in modern architecture and urban design to see what we can learn from them for design research. In doing so, he makes a distinction between "designing for the future", that is, designing interventions that address conditions that we can reasonably expect to last, and "deigning the future", where one tries to create a new educational reality. The webinar especially explored faulty predictions and the unintended consequences of designs. Want to know more about what the picture shown here has to do with design research? Watch the full webinar video here

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Check out Our New Issue!

Issue 27 (2) is out!

Just in time for your reading during AERA.

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Reviewer of the Year Awards for 2017

In the last issue of 2017 we announced the 2017 winners of Journal of the Learning Sciences Reviewer of the Year Awards: 

  • Dr. Ming Ming Chiu, The Education University of Hong Kong;
  • Dr. Betsy Davis, University of Michigan;
  • Dr. David Stroupe, Michigan State University.

For these awards, we will make a change form previous years. The awards will be presented at the opening session of  ICLS 2018 in London. A letter will also be sent to their Dean.

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