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Best Paper Published in JLS Award

In our editorial in 2017 we noted that JLS had completed 25 years of publication. In that period it has been a consistently high-performing journal, and one of the flagship journals for the field of the learning sciences.

We are excited to announce that, beginning with volume 26 (2017), we have a created a new feature:  the annual Best Paper Published in JLS Award. The award recognises exceptional scholarship and contributions made to the field of the learning sciences via JLS, and permits reflection on the state of scholarship in the field beyond what is possible during the peer review process. Candidates for the award are nominated by the editors and associate editors, and the winner is selected by an external panel of distinguished learning scientists.

If you are attending ICLS in London, please come to the ISLS Open Business Meeting (Wednesday, 27 June, 11 am to 1 pm), where the first award will be presented. We'll publish the names of the recipients for 2017 here after the conference.

JLS Best Paper Awards for 2017 Announced
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