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Issue 28 (2) online

In this issue: David Klahr comments on what he argues is a misrepresentation of Pasteur’s Quadrant in the learning sciences. Christina Krist et al. synthesize and build on existing frameworks to identify essential characteristics of students’ mechanistic reasoning across scientific content areas. They argue that these characteristics can be represented as epistemic heuristics, that implicitly guide mechanistic reasoning. Janneke van de Pol et al. investigate how adaptive support promotes students’ learning. They investigate (35 lessons, 7 teachers) to what extent the effect of contingent support for students’ learning is mediated by the extent to which students take up teachers’ support in subsequent small-group work. Danielle Keifert and Reed Stevens show how Inquiry as a members’ phenomenon reveals young children’s competence, sense-making, and joy in inquiry.
2018 impact factor 3.545
Joe Curnow and Susan Jurow to edit next special is...

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