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21 October 2020
Journal of the Learning Sciences invites proposals for a special issue to be published in 2023. Instructions for preparing a proposal are posted on the Instructions to Authors at the publisher’s website, https://tinyurl.com/y9neyuhd. Proposals are due December 14, 2020 and will be peer reviewed by the journal’s editorial leadership team. We will notify the submitters of the accepted proposal in February 2021. We are especially interested in proposals that develop emerging areas of research and c...
17 July 2020
The learning of emotion as/in sociocultural practice: The case of animal rights activism. Tanner Vea.Learning that Physics is "not for me": Pedagogic work and the cultivation of habitus among advanced level physics students. Louise Archer et al.When discussions sputter or take flight: Comparing productive disciplinary engagement in two history classes. Eric B. Freedman.Conjecture mapping to support vocationally educated adult learners in open-ended tasks. Ruth Boelens et al.Read them all at http...
19 May 2020
 Embodied pathways and ethical trails: studying learning in and through relational historiesShirin Vossoghi et al. For science and self: youth interactions with data in community and citizen scienceEmily Harris et al. Unpacking the learning ecosystems framework: lessons from the adaptive management of biological ecosystemsMarijke Hecht and Kevin Crowley What we are missing in studies of teacher learning: A call for microgenetic, interactional analysis to examine teacher learning processesJanet W...


Unpacking the Learning Ecosystems Framework: Lessons from the Adaptive Management of Biological Ecosystems

Marijke Hecht & Kevin Crowley

Is the learning ecosystem framework doing all it can for learning sciences? Marijke Hecht and Kevin Crowley of the University of Pittsburgh School of Education theorize improvements based on ideas from the adaptive management of biological ecosystems.

Read the article to learn more.

Situating Data Science: Exploring How Relationships to Data Shape LearningSituating Data Science: Exploring How Relationships to Data Shape Learning 

Michelle Hoda Wilkerson & Joseph L. Polman

Read the special issue to learn more. 

Check out the guest editors video introduction to the articles in this special issue. 

How can future scientists and citizens develop data acumen? Check out the interview with Prof. Alyssa Friend Wise about her commentary Educating Data Scientists and Data Literate Citizens for a New Generation of Dataand explore the stories behind the commentary.


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The scope of JLS and instructions for authors are explained at the publisher's website (above). Here we mention 3 areas specific areas where we currently would like to see more submissions:

  • Articles that help the field understand how learning-sciences research can better impact policy and practice. Please see the open-access guest editorial by Susan McKenney for a detailed call.
  • Reports and Reflections: These are short articles of 4000 to 6000 words that aim to stir up debate and support the development of the field. For 3 examples, see volume 23 issue 1 (2014). We are interested in articles that help to make connections to other fields, methodological papers, and many more topics.
  • Articles that enhance the international reach of JLS. Articles from regions that are relatively new to the learning sciences.

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 Average Review Time 96 days in 2019 

Acceptance rate  10% in 2019

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Reviewers explain the review process at JLS

Preparing your manuscript 

  • NEW! Changes to APA style: From May 2020, all new manuscripts  are required to follow APA style 7th edition. There are many changes to referencing and style. View this video from Scribbr to get up to speed.
  • NEW! Writing the structured abstract: Go to the full Resources page to read why this strategy was introduced how how to use it effectively. ...

After your article is published

JLS uses three strategies to promote your newly published article. The three strategies are:

  •   Video Introductions: Video intro is a 3-min video to summarise the key contributions of your article. 
  •   Webinars: a webinar is an online seminar in which you discuss your article with interested audiences. 

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