The International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS) is a leading professional society for academics, professionals and students seeking to advance the sciences and practices of learning. ISLS brings together those interested in learning experiences across schools, homes, workplaces and communities, and who seek to understand how collaboration and learning is enabled by knowledge, tools, networks, and social structures.

ISLS is devoted to expanding the impact and relevance of the field and its exciting potentials for transforming the future of learning and collaboration. It provides venues for dialogue on all aspects of computer-supported collaborative learning and the learning sciences through conferences, publications, web sites, social networking sites, committees and other member services.

For any stage of your career, involvement in ISLS can be a major mechanism for networking, for presenting your scientific work and for benefitting from the dialogue about concepts, theories, and methodologies. We are especially committed to the preparation of future leaders of our fields and to making available to students, post-doctoral researchers and early career faculty a variety of professional development opportunities suited to the challenges and needs of the different phases of their careers.

Members receive one free and one reduced-rate subscription to our IJCSCL and JLS journals, and member rates at our CSCL and ICLS conferences. In addition, members receive the ISLS newsletter, job postings, and notifications of other scholarly and professional opportunities. After joining the society, attending ISLS-sponsored conferences and participating in committees is an excellent way for you to become involved, grow your professional community, and learn about and contribute to the newest developments in this exciting interdisciplinary field.

Read the full ISLS mission statement as well as the 2018 brochures below for more information.

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