In September 2020, ISLS approved a proposal to pilot an affiliate program for the Society. This serves to recognize a self-organized regional group that has ISLS members within their leadership as officially affiliated with ISLS. This two-year pilot program is an extension of the Society’s continual efforts, largely through activities initiated by the Membership Committee, to better engage with and advance our collective understandings about learning with scholars located around the world. Japan and Brazil are the two pilot regions for this program as they have already self-organized into their own organizations and developed proposals through the ISLS’s Membership Committee. One feature of these groups is that activities will be in Japanese and Portuguese, respectively, to allow for more local participation and dialogue within these groups. The two groups will be evaluated yearly so that ISLS can better understand the potential and impact of having affiliates. For questions, please contact members of the leadership teams of these two affiliate groups or a member of the ISLS Board of Directors.

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