If you are interested in joining any of the ISLS Committees, please contact the chairs.

Communications Committee

Co-chaired by Martina Rau (USA), Ravit Duncan (USA) and Irene-Angelica Chounta (Estonia), the Communications Committee helps direct the Society's communications decisions.

Additional members of this committee are:

Conference Committee

Co-chaired by Kris Lund (France) and Ulrich Hoppe (Germany), the Conference Committee sets policies for ISLS conferences, selects future venues, and helps recruit and appoint conference chairs. Additional members of this committee are:

CSCL Community Committee

Co-chaired by Wenli Chen (Singapore) and Armin Weinberger (Germany), the CSCL Community Committee works to strengthen the international CSCL community as part of ISLS, working with the ISLS board and the other committees on CSCL affairs, including the CSCL Conferences and the ijCSCL journal.

Additional members of this committee are: 

More information about the CSCL Community can be found here.

Education Committee

Co-chaired by Yotam Hod (Israel) and Julia Eberle (Germany), the Education Committee helps create and develop outreach and educational activities for the society. NAPLeS, a sub-committee of the Education Committee, is directed by Freydis Vogel (UK). 

Additional members of this committee include:

Membership Committee

Co-chaired by Dimitra Tsovaltzi (Germany), Claudia Mazzioti (Germany), and Toshio Mochizuki (Japan), the Membership Committee helps disseminate the Society's work and invites new members into the Society.

Additional members of this committee are:

Publications Committee

Chaired by Sherice Clarke (USA) and David Stroupe (USA), the Publications Committee develops editorial and publications policies.

Additional members of this committee are:

The Publications Committee maintains the ISLS Publications FAQ. Please contact Sherice Clarke, the Chair of the Committee, to obtain a copyright permission to use portions of your ISLS conference proceedings in other scholarly publications.

Technology Committee

Chaired by Jim Slotta (USA), the Technology Committee is charged with developing technology policies for the Society and providing recommendations to the Board regarding the development, evaluation and updating of the Society's Strategic Technology Plan.

Additional members of this committee are:

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